Saturday, February 12, 2011

Unusual Speakers

The most innovative and creative speakers that will fill your room with sound.

 Pipe Speakers
Unique audio speakers handmade out of PVC pipes by Eric Nelson.

Transparent Speakers

Beautiful horn shaped loudspeakers designed by Ferguson Hill.

Panda Speakers

Adorable panda shaped USB powered speakers for your desk.

Coffee Table Sound System

Acoustable table comes with built in speakers and audio system.

Klang Ultrasonic Speakers

Stylish concept speakers allow you to focus the sound on just yourself, or spread the signal around the room.

Hi-Fido Speakers

Limited edition ceramic speakers designed by Matteo Cibic Studio.

Stereo Stilettos

Engaging sound from these speakers will sweep you off your feet.

Pig Speakers

Series of speakers that resemble cute pigs designed by IDEA.

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