Monday, April 4, 2011

Fashion-forward TV teens

During their TV tenure, these on-screen teens sparked trends with their hallmark hairstyles

Fashion-forward TV teens
 (see photos of hot celebrity hair), signature accessories and out-there outfits. (Check out these cool teen fashion trends.) See which young stars left their stamps on our wardrobes.
Marcia Brady
The enviable oldest daughter (her real name) on "The Brady Bunch" made middle-parts a must. Her "hair of gold" was bone-straight (see pics), and her miniskirts and bell-bottoms always fit just right.

Keith Partridge
Keith (his real name) was the lead singer of the musical TV clan on "The Partridge Family." Decades before Justin Bieber embraced boy bangs, Keith's lush feathered hair incited nationwide swoons.
Mallory Keaton
She may have been the resident airhead on "Family Ties," but Mallory (her real name) certainly had style smarts. The aspiring fashion designer went from pretty prep to art-school edgy during the show's five-season run. See a Web homage.

Punky Brewster
This scrappy tween (her real name) didn't need a lot of cash to get the look she sported on her self-titled show. Just give her a denim vest and a colorful assortment of layers and high-tops and voilà: instant inner-city hipster!

Ricky Stratton
Ricky (his real name) was the epitome of cool, privileged prepster on "Silver Spoons." He knew the perfect way to pop that shirt collar and roll up those sleeves. He even slept in style
Denise Huxtable
Despite the high volume of kids featured on "The Cosby Show," Denise (her real name) had no trouble standing out. With her asymmetric separates, vintage finds and eclectic accessories, she brought boho
Blossom Russo
The star of "Blossom" was the face that launched a thousand flower-festooned floppy hats. The brainy-zany character (her real name) knew how to work a patterned vest/baby-doll dress/biker shorts combo like none other.
Clarissa Darling
The star of "Clarissa Explains It All" (her real name) never met a bold print she didn't love -- from polka-dotted leggings to shoulder-padded party shirts.

Lisa Turtle
The "best-dressed" award on "Saved by the Bell" would have to go to Lisa (her real name). While other teens came to class in jeans and T-shirts, she opted for ruffles, diva dresses and chunky accessories galore.
Angela Chase
Angela (her real name) was too busy brooding on "My So-Called Life" to focus much on fashion, but it was her lack of effort that made her grunge style pop. Her style checklist consisted of an oversize flannel shirt, opaque tights and a disenchanted pout.

Hannah Montana
She's the pop-star-next-door (her real name) whose hit Disney Channel show inspired tots everywhere to sport glittery, ruffled and bedazzled excess.

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