Friday, April 1, 2011

Guess that celebrity smile

Guess that celebrity smile
Some people are famous for a perfect smile (photos). Some are famous for quirky teeth (photos). Then there are celebrities who are famous despite straight-up bad teeth (photos). How many smiles can you recognize?

'Irreplaceable' singer
Can you guess which irreplaceable diva this smile belongs to? Explore her music.
'Sex' star
Can you guess who has a great smile now (photos)? That wasn't the case when when she was a teen. Explore her videos.

A Charlie's Angel
Can you guess which future Charlie's Angel had a classic toothless smile (photos) as a kid?
'Young and the Restless' Star
Guess which former soap stud's smile wasn't always this perfect
Original 'Wall Street' star
Guess which "Wall Street" star fixed his teeth around the time he hit it big.
'Zorro' star
Can you guess which sexy star had some bad teeth to contend with?
Vitamin Water winner?
Guess which rapper with a small-change name reportedly paid a pretty penny for a better smile. Explore his music.
'Jackass' series star
Can you guess which "Jackass" star saw speculation behind his new smile?
'Moulin Rouge' star
Can you guess which Aussie starlet has a straight-as-an-arrow smile now?
'Put You in a Song' singer
Can you guess which male country star made his smile whiter and tighter than it once was? Explore his music.
A 'Material Girl'
Can you guess which material girl has one of the most famous gaps in the world?
'Bridget Jones' bad boy?
Can you guess which British star reportedly gained major dental improvements?
X-Factor creator
Can you guess which former reality judge has been criticized for his dental decisions?
'Mermaids' star
Can you guess which "Burlesque" (find out about the movie) star has done a lot to achieve the perfect smile?

King of Crunk
Texas rapper Paul Wall made everybody smile and show their grills.

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