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Celeb Honeymoon Destinations

Celeb Honeymoon Destinations
Celeb honeymoon destinations.The world was abuzz with rumors about where royal newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton  would honeymoon. Check out these celebrity honeymoon destinations and see where Kate and William landed after the kiss
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Who went: One recently split couple. Another whose divorce ended with a huge settlement (hint he's an ex-Beatle; see photos of him with new fiancĂ©e. We won't discuss the third former A-list couple. 

Why they go:  Visitors can rent a private island in the middle of this ocean. In this archipelago of 115 islands, every view is of the beach
Cabo San Lucas
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Who went: This actress and singer couple  hit another honeymoon hot spot first. NBA training camp slightly delayed the Cabo honeymoon for this reality-TV couple.

Why they go: The southern tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula is known for sandy beaches, scuba diving, private villas and this amazing feature
Fiji Islands
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Who went: Viewers watched their romance unfold on this reality show, so why not the honeymoon (see images)? This ex-couple  started filming after Fiji.

Why they go: On exclusive Turtle Island  you can reserve a beach and have a very private picnic. Scenes from a classic drama showcased its beauty.
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Who went: It was the honeymoon destination for a British bad boy and "I Kissed A Girl" pop star and the couple known as TomKat .

Why they go: These atolls of the Indian Ocean make up the lowest country on earth. There's also exploring by yacht and scuba diving the coral reefs
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Who went: This pop star and TV talent show judge honeymooned on Bali . It was also the destination for these "Step-Up" co-stars .

Why they go: Bali combines beaches with tropical forest. Christina and Jordan liked kayaking . Tatum and Jenna went for tattoos
Bora Bora
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Who went: This A-list couple's honeymoon  included an overwater bungalow . This former child star also chose Bora Bora when she married her Hollywood agent .

Why they go: Considered one of the five most beautiful islands in the world, it has a lagoon and barrier reef. See more photos.
The Bahamas
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Who went: These Spanish lovebirds chose the Bahamas. This multitalented TV personality honeymooned on St. Bart's .

Why they go: Tropical, but not in the middle of nowhere, the Bahamas have beaches, scuba diving and a resort modeled on France's most famous palace
Antigua & Barbuda
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Who went: This "American Idol" country star and songwriter hubby married here and released their wedding video to the public . Oldest Backstreet Boy and his bride dined on the beach.

Why they go: The nickname for this twin-island nation on the boundary of the Atlantic and the Caribbean is "Land of 365 beaches." See more photos.
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Who went: This British heartthrob starred in movies named for his future honeymoon site. His Australian bride is best known as an "angel". Cap Juluca resort  was the destination when this couple were more than ex's. 

Why they go: Sometimes it's all about the hotel's beachfront villa  with a pool and a butler.
Turks & Caicos islands
Where: Find it on the map

Who went: "Desperate Housewives" star and her then husband, a French basketball star. This A-list couple married on the beach and stayed for the honeymoon.

Why they go: Only an hour from Miami, this private island is all beaches and coral reefs.
Lesser Antilles
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Who went: She's not everyone's idea of "the girl next door," and her new series documents married life with this NFL wide receiver. Another Lesser Antilles destination has had more than its share of celeb honeymooners, including this famous British couple.

Why they go: Leeward or Windward, the Lesser Antilles provide Caribbean charm with European influences. See more photos
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Who went: The "Transformers" star married this "Beverly Hills, 90210" grad on the big island . She's still considered a "first daughter," and the honeymoon destination for this couple was Maui.

Why they go: The Hawaiian Islands all differ, from the color of the sand to the activities available, but no passport is needed for the 50th state. Find a romantic getaway package.
Santa Barbara
Where: Find it on the map

Who went: The San Ysidro Ranch has a honeymoon history dating back to an iconic first couple .

Why they go: The exclusive resort in the Montecito foothills is just a drive away for Hollywood types..
 Lake Como, Italy
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Who went: Hollywood's No. 1 bachelor owns a villa nearby , but he keeps the welcome mat out for honeymooners like this "love at first sight" couple.The second marriage for this former Fly Girl was brief, but the location's designer fabulous.

Why they go: Italy's most popular lake has private villas, Mediterranean foliage and mountain views 
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Who went: Before they wed others, this Academy Award-winning duo  made Venice's Hotel Cipriani their spot. The latest newlyweds in Venice are this Canadian-born singer and his Argentine wife .

Why they go: Where else for a romantic gondola ride or a grand hotel with a dock for James Bond in this film?
Mediterranean Islands
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Who went: If you have a royal yacht at your disposal, then all the Mediterranean Sea is a port of call for royal couples  like Charles and Diana  and the movie star and her husband the prince.

Why they go: Leave the paparazzi at the dock while cruising the coastlines of Europe and Africa and stunning destinations like this island country 
Costa Careyes
Where: Find it on the map

Who went: Practically known as the Costa Careyes couple, this model and host of "Project Runway"  and her pop star husband believe in annual weddings --– and honeymoons .

Why they go: The Central Pacific coast of Mexico is perfect for water sports
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Who went: The City of Light had the right shine for this international couple .With his band on tour there, it was finally honeymoon time at the Hotel Ritz with the former "Simple Life" star .

Why they go: Blame it on romantic movies, from "Casablanca" to this one starring Audrey Tautou.
The Seychelles, North Island
Where: Find it on the map

Who went: This Mexican actress and her French husband after weddings in Paris and Venice. William and Kate's honeymoon choice may have been inspired by an earlier vacation to this British colony .

Why they go: Remote! If the other island destination in the Seychelles seems overcrowded with 40 villas, this one has only 11 -- and you can rent the whole island. See more images.
French Polynesia 
Where: Find it on the map

Who went: "American Idol's" first country star winner took her hockey star husband far from the ice for their recent honeymoon, and it suited another royal couple from slightly farther north. See their wedding photos.

Why they go: One word: beaches.

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