Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smallest towns in America recommended best small towns in America

Smallest towns in America recommended best small towns in America

 America recommended best Small towns can sometimes generate big news. The L.A. Times recently won a Pulitzer Prize for the story it broke about the grossly overpaid city employees of Bell, Calif. Bell is a giant metropolis compared to this list of America’s smallest burgs, some just a resident or two away from becoming ghost towns.

Monowi, Neb.
 Books outnumber residents in Monowi by a ratio of 5,000 to 1. Nebraska’s smallest town  was featured on a famous morning news show in 2005.How many people live here?

Lost Springs, Wyo.
Talk about a boom town: Check out this Wyoming hamlet. Somehow, the population mushroomed in just 10 years, quadrupling its 2000 census figures.What mineral drove its economy? How many people live here?
Hillsview, S.D.
With a population density of 4.7 per square mile, Hillsview  has a lot of breathing room and has never known a traffic jam. Founded in 1887, it lies within a stone’s throw of a neighboring state.How many people live here?
Tortilla Flat, Ariz.
Located near this famous range of mountains, the smallest official community  in Arizona  attracted people looking for a precious mineral. It’s on an old Indian trail which shares its name with the Lone Ranger’s sidekick. How many people live here?
Freeport, Kansas
The smallest incorporated town in the U.S. with its own bank, this Kansas burg has one other thriving business. Its lone church, on a well-known listing of historic places, attracts 60 people every Sunday, dwarfing the local populace. How many people live here?
Tenney, Minn.
On the shores of what was once an ice-age lake this Minnesota hamlet has one viable business that collects the region’s primary local crops. How many people live here?
Weeki Wachee, Fla.
Located next to the deepest naturally-formed spring in America  this Florida town  features a tourist attraction  complete with more of these mythical sea creatures than residents.How many people live here?
Beaconsfield, Iowa

Named after a distinguished English lord  this petite Iowa farm village  boasts a high-flying former resident whose made quite a name for herself.How many people live here?
Bonanza, Colo.
Now considered a ghost town, this Colorado hamlet  once harbored a healthy trade in a certain mineral found in the nearby mountains. How many people live here?
Mound, La.
Part of a parish named for an American president  this tiny Louisiana town  once made its living from a plant dear to the Confederate States .How many people live here?

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