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Celebrities with multiple marriages

Celebrities with multiple marriages

Married how many times?
With the news that a member of rock royalty, Paul McCartney, is set to walk down the aisle in yet another marriage ,we look at other celebrities whose nuptial numbers make Paul's three seem paltry.

Joan Collins
The actress best known as Alexis Carrington first began her marriage spree in 1952
Tony Curtis
Swoon-worthy Curtis (see vintage photos) exchanged vows several times before settling down with his final wife
Robert Evans
This famed Hollywood producer and documentary subject called it quits on yet another marriage in 2006
Larry Flynt
It seems the adult magazine impresario actually has a soft spot for romance. So much so that he's proposed time and again.
George Foreman
The former boxing champ and grill-master bobbed and weaved his way through quite a few marriages before committing to his current wife in '85.
Zsa Zsa Gabor
The Hungarian glamour girl counted a hotel magnate and a debonair Oscar winner among her many husbands.
Larry King
The long-running TV talk-show host first got hitched when he was a teenager and has yet to get it right.
Norman Mailer
The award-winning writer bounced from one rocky marriage to another, romancing mistresses along the way.
Richard Pryor
The funnyman par excellence drew material from his handful of marriages, but some of the unions were no laughing matter.
Geraldo Rivera
The newsman married his current wife in 2003, but he had a few more nuptial notches in his belt before her.
Mickey Rooney
This Hollywood vet coined a now-famous quip about his inability to make a marriage stick
Martin Scorsese
The Oscar-winning director has a roster of exes that includes a writer and an Italian screen star.
Danielle Steel
The best-selling romance novelist knows whereof she writes.
Elizabeth Taylor
Taylor's multiple marriages — whether scandalous or just plain odd — became the stuff of Hollywood legend.
Billy Bob Thornton
This Oscar winner's most high-profile marriage was to Angelina Jolie (see photos), but she was hardly the first.
Lana Turner
Turner said "I do" to a restaurateur , a bandleader and even a hypnotist during her lifetime of matrimonial mayhem.

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