Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DWTS' Body Transformations

The new season of "Dancing With the Stars" is in full swing and fans are already picking their cast favorites. The real victors, though, are the stars who use their dance partners as personal trainers and slim down by the end of their run on the show. This season all signs point to Chaz Bono being named best in shape, but click through to see who else has danced off the pounds.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley has had a history of weight problems, but the world tuned in each weak to "Dancing with the Stars" to watch her cha-cha her way back into nearly "Cheers" more
Kelly Osbourne

Dieting is never fun, but luckily for Osbourne she was sweating off enough pounds while satisfying her hunger with pasta, cheese, and all kinds of carbs. She said she avoided the scale during her run on the show for fear of obsessing about her weight, but when all was said and done she reportedly lost more than 40 pounds.
Kendra Wilkinson

It was her slim yet athletic build that originally caught the eye of Hugh Hefner, but when the former "Girls Next Door" star had her first child, she had to work extra hard to lose the weight. "DWTS" came at the perfect time, and she was back in grotto shape in no time.
Marie Osmond

You could add stress to the list of reasons why Marie Osmond lost weight during "DWTS." Her father passed away and her 16-year-old son went to rehab while she was battling for the prized disco ball trophy. Nevertheless she lost more than 30 pounds, telling OK!, "The show should be called 'Dancing With the Starved.'"
Kyle Massey

As proof that it's not just women who lose weight on the show, Disney star Kyle Massey shed the pounds while dancing alongside partner Lacy Schwimmer. His confidence grew while his waistline shrunk eight inches, according to Schwimmer who told, "He's really loving it. He looks in the mirror all the time."
Jennie Garth

After two kids, getting that "90210" body back was a difficult task for Garth, who admitted she still had maternity weight to lose a year after having her second daughter. It was "DWTS" to the rescue for Garth who toned up enough to make Brandon and Dylan want to fight over her again.
Erin Andrews

She didn't necessarily want to lose weight, but the extra hours of training forced a good 10 pounds off ESPN reporter Erin Andrews. To keep from getting thinner, she told Us, sloppy, eating cheeseburgers, having fries and grits in the morning." Breakfast of champions.
Audrina Patridge

When you don't have a pound to lose, you rub it in the faces of your fellow contestants by telling Us, "I have maintained my weight, but I'm really, really defining my muscles and toning up." Patridge didn't make it very far on the show, but she certainly looked good trying.
Cheryl Burke

One of the professional dancers on the show, Cheryl Burke has over the years become a star in her own right. In 2008 she took some heat from her fellow dancers for showing up for a new season a tad chunky. Once she was back at work, the pounds started flying off and viewers began rooting for her.
Mel B

Eight weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Mel B was already in training to dominate the dance floor. Scary Spice also decided to eat well and eventually lost 50 pounds over a seven-month period -- but that all began in the ballroom.
Bristol Palin

All of the dancing had a reverse effect on Bristol Palin, who actually put on some pounds while performing on the hit reality show. She told Access Hollywood it was because she isn't the type that stops eating when stressed. She eventually lost some weight after the show, so "DWTS" worked in a transitive property sort of way.
Sabrina Bryan

Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan was another one of those stars who lost more weight after her run on the show ended. The show got her working out, but she had more time to focus on her diet post-"DWTS," allowing her to drop to a size 2 and be the fastest cheetah in the pack.
Kim Kardashian

Kardashian lasted only about 15 minutes on the show before fans saw her losing weight, and they voted her off for fear that she'd lose her famous curves. Call it a conspiracy theory, if you like, but she looked super slim while promoting herself in the first weeks of rehearsal.
Jane Seymour

There was a battle for headline hog in Season 5 of "DWTS," as Jane Seymour lost her mother and suffered food poisoning at the same time Marie Osmond was going through her difficulties. One way or another, Seymour dropped 20 pounds and told TV Guide, "Now I'm 108. And it's all muscle."
Warren Sapp

Dude weighed in at more than 300 pounds for most of his playing career, so it seems next to impossible that he didn't lose a few pounds while dancing his way to a second-place finish in Season 7. He was quick on the football field and nimble on the dance floor, so it's safe to say he's in perfect shape.
Brooke Burke

Having the exact opposite problem that Sapp had, Brooke Burke (the eventual Season 7 winner) told People "no one can keep weight on" while on the show due to the eight hours of cardio a day. She drank protein shakes and downed pasta at night, but she still looked super thin by the end of the show.
Lil' Kim

A year in the slammer made Lil' Kim not so Lil' anymore, but some time in the ballroom along with the food service helped her slim down to her original rapping weight. "It's not like they're feeding you grapefruit and blueberries in there," she told Star of her time in prison.
Julianne Hough

In 2009 Julianne Hough capitalized on the whole "DWTS" phenomenon by releasing a "Dance With Julianne: Cardio Ballroom" workout DVD. There are times when she looks as if she could use a cheeseburger or two, but in general, she's here to help.
Joey Fatone

The former 'N Sync-er packed on the post-boy-band pounds, and lived up to his last name, literally becoming the "fat one." After some heavy breathing on the dance floor, he decided to say "bye bye bye" to the pounds and got himself in shape.

Marissa Jaret Winokur

"I know I looked sexy on 'DWTS,'" she blogged for People about her weight loss. After the show, it was a battle to get back to her dancing weight, but she landed herself a gig hosting "Dance Your Ass Off" on Oxygen so at the very least she capitalized on the "DWTS" weight-loss hype.

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