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April deaths 2011

Notable People We Lost in April

In April, we said farewell to many beloved figures, including a female marathoner, a trailblazing TV writer & a politician who was undefeated for a half-century.
April in memoriam
In April we said farewell to many beloved figures, including a supercentenarian, a writing trailblazer and a modern rock star.

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Larry Finch
Skip O'Brien
Bill Brill
Tul Bahadur Pun
Phoebe Snow
Best known for her 1975 hit "Poetry Man," Phoebe Snow (real name?) interrupted her promising career to care for her brain-injured daughter.

Bio | Video | Photos

Popular songs:

"Harpo's Blues"

"No Regrets"

"Teach Me Tonight"

"Shakey Ground"
Poly Styrene
1958 – 2011
Poly Styrene (real name?) was the British singer for the early punk band X-Ray Spex. Although the group recorded only two studio albums, she is often credited for influencing the riot grrrl movement.

Bio | Video | Photos

Career highlights:

She was inspired to form a band after seeing an early punk sensation.

Their debut single became a punk anthem.
Grete Waitz

Norwegian athlete Grete Waitz (from which city?) ran her first marathon in 1978. She won that race -- and broke the tape in eight more.

Bio | Video | Photos

Career highlights:

Early in her career, she set two world records.

In her first New York City Marathon, she set another one.

She was given a royal honor.
Lou Gorman

Gorman was a Major League Baseball icon. He managed a team once called the Beaneaters and a team nicknamed the M's.

Bio | Video | Photos

His career:

Baltimore Orioles

Kansas City Royals

Seattle Mariners

New York Mets

Boston Red Sox
Larry Finch

Finch was a groundbreaking basketball star. As a player, he rivaled Bill Walton in a championship game. As a coach, he was an all-time winner.

Bio | Video | Photos

His highlights:

1972-73 season

1991-92 season

1994-95 season
Calvin Russell

Russell was a Texas musician (listen to his songs) who experienced success abroad. He recorded new albums throughout his career, including one last year.

Bio | Video | Photos

Popular songs:

"Living at the End of the Gun"

"Big Brother"

"Rats and Roaches"

Ned McWherter

McWherter, a former Tennessee governor, made great strides for minority groups and government transparency.

Bio | Photos

McWherter trivia:

Beer distributor

Political patriarch

Clinton favorite
Barry Blumberg


Blumberg received a Nobel Prize for an important discovery. He worked closely with NASA, right until his death.

Bio | Video | Photos

Blumberg quotes:

Preventing cancer

Improving the planet

Saving a life
Skip O'Brien

O'Brien was an actor best known for his recurring role on a hit TV drama.

Bio | Photos

Film highlights:

"Black Sheep"

"Liar Liar"

E.J. McGuire

McGuire held a renowned position with the National Hockey League and coached several teams.

Bio | Video | Photos

Career highlights:

Guelph Storm's trophy

Hartford Wolf Pack's playoffs
Edward Edwards

Edwards was a serial killer who remained at large most of his life and escaped prison. He was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list as early as 1961.

Bio | Photos


1977 murders

1980 murders

1996 murder
Bill Brill

Brill was a fiery sportswriter who wrote for regional newspapers. He made an erroneous prediction in 2004 that incited a conference win.

Bio | Photos

Brill awards:

Sportswriter of the Year

Special contributions

Hall of Fame
Walter Breuning

Breuning was the oldest American supercentenarian ever. Always well dressed, Breuning appeared on television in 2009 to remark on current affairs.

Bio | Video | Photos

Breuning quotes:

Stay busy

Second marriages

Fear of death
William Donald Schaefer

Schaefer was a public servant who served as mayor, governor and comptroller. Schaefer's life was not without controversy, but he remained undefeated for 50 years.

Bio | Video | Photos

Schaefer's legacy:


Oriole Park

Aquarium bathing suit

Michael Sarrazin

Sarrazin was an actor who starred with Jane Fonda (video) in an acclaimed film. His varied career included science fiction and comedy.

Bio | Video | Photos

Career highlights:

"Saturday Night Live"


"Sometimes a Great Notion"

"Harry in Your Pocket"
Harold Lee Volkmer

Volkmer was a longtime state representative and a longtime U.S. representative who fought for equal rights. His views on gun control separated him from his political party.

Bio | Photos

Notable views:

Voting rights

Fair housing

William Rusher

Rusher served as a strong conservative voice through journalism, activism and public speaking. He was a fusionist with strong feelings about former President Ronald Reagan.

Bio | Video | Photos

Career highlights:

Draft Goldwater

"Good Morning America"

"The Rise of the Right"
Elisabeth Sladen

Sladen was an actress known for her role in a popular 1970s show. She had a long marriage with a co-star.

Bio | Video | Photos

Sladen trivia:

Onstage flirting

Daughter's cameo

Cardboard cut-out
Mason Rudolph

Rudolph was a winning golfer on the PGA Tour. One golfer lost against Rudolph on purpose.

Bio | Video | Photos

Career highlights:

Tennessee Open amateur

Fig Garden landslide

Ryder Cup win
Gerard Smith

Smith was a multi-instrumentalist for TV on the Radio (hear some tracks). The band issued a statement upon his passing.

Bio | Video | Photos

Notable collaborations:

With David Bowie (more about Bowie)

With Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead songs)

With Katrina Ford (Ford's songs)
Tul Bahadur Pun

Pun received one of the highest British military awards and the Burma Star. He bravely persevered alone in a World War II battle.

Bio | Video | Photos

Pun's victories:



India Service Medal

Madelyn Pugh

Pugh was one of the first female TV writers, and she wrote for one of the greatest female-led shows of all time.

Bio | Video | Photos

Career highlights:

"My Favorite Husband"

Woman of the Year

Golden Globe

"Laughing With Lucy"

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