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Beatification of John Paul II

Beatification of John Paul II

Beatification of John Paul II
Today in Rome, John Paul II receives one of the highest honors in Catholicism — beatification.His successor, Pope Benedict XVI, will oversee proceedings that are expected to draw pilgrims from all over the world.See why it's unusual.

Find out more about the former pontiff and the deeds that helped him earn his reverent nickname.
Background of John Paul II
Birth: John Paul II was born in 1920 in Central Europe.

School: He studied philosophy in college until 1939.

Priesthood: The future pontiff was ordained as a priest in 1946 and became the youngest bishop in his homeland.

Death: At the time of his death in 2005, he’d held the second longest papal reign in history
Solidarity Movement in Poland
Many believe Pope John Paul II helped create Poland’s Solidarity Movement in 1980. That movement also sparked a landmark political change
His pastoral visits
Pope John Paul II made more official visits to foreign countries than any other pope.He notably visited both Muslim and Jewish places of worship.
His act of forgiveness
In 1981, John Paul II survived an assassination attempt.Though he was critically wounded,he quickly forgave his shooter and later paid him a visit
World Youth Day
In 1984, the Pope founded an event to bring Catholic youth from around the world to celebrate together.His mobilization of younger members of the faith earned him this nickname.
Apologies for the Catholic Church
During his pontificate, John Paul II made a series of formal apologies for past acts of the Catholic Church. He asked the forgiveness of a wide range of groups, including Africans, Jews and women.
Divine Mercy Sunday
n 2000, John Paul II officially instituted The Feast of the Divine Mercy.The day acknowledges the Catholic devotion attributed to a famous nun he canonized

The pope’s miracle
To be considered for beatification, one miracle must be attributed to an individual after death. John Paul II has been credited with the miraculous cure of a French nun who suffered from a degenerative disorder.Find out how she said she was healed.

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